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Category: Warbird Design Kits

Warbird Design Kits

Mike and I are proud to introduce our newest Artist Resource Product, customized Warbird Design Kits! Now you can tap into the personal library of Mike’s Warbird compositions.  You can utilize his components to design and paint your own Warbird. Though Mike is renowned for his use of this style on guitars, he has numerous examples of warbird bikes, helmets and guns just to name a few. Our kits are designed allow fitment to just about any project you may dream up.

Our Design Kits allow you to choose from popular curated collections. You can then add customization notes and purchase a complete custom vinyl stencil kit. The pieces are ready to lay out and spray!

This unique program is supported by our WARBIRD RESOURCE CENTER where you will find complete instructions, design ideas and countless tips and tricks. In addition, we also have a full library of YouTube videos, How To articles and technical documents to support our product. And, if that is not enough, you can even request personalized help via Text or Email! In other words, we have you covered!

Our Warbird Design Kits are a perfect addition to any artists’ toolbox. We hope you will use them to expand creativity,  inspire great finishes and simplify your process!

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