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Category: Richpen Airbrush Arsenal

Richpen Airbrush Arsenal

Mike and I are PROUD to reintroduce our Flagship Product, the Richpen MOJO Airbrush, to the Artist Community!

For nearly a decade, the high-quality Richpen airbrush line has been absent from the American market. Now, LearnAirbrush and Mike Learn are ecstatic to announce that we have filled that void! The Richpen MOJO Airbrush is back and better than ever before! Built on an exclusive NEW PHOENIX 222 Model, each and every MOJO airbrush is fine-tuned, ported and polished by Mike, then signed, numbered and delivered!

The MOJO is a .2mm gravity feed brush with a gives you instant paint response, perfect atomization with lower air pressure and ultra fine line detail.

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