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Richpen Precision MOJO+ Airbrush


Richpen Precision MOJO+ Airbrush

(8 customer reviews)


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The MOJO+ Airbrush is a BRAND NEW RichPen PHOENIX Model 222C that was built to Mike’s specifications. By working directly with RichPen’s product manager, we have improved the already outstanding, high quality and well-known performance of RichPen equipment. Utilizing a new, proprietary design and manufacturing method the advanced MOJO+ has a NEW and IMPROVED nozzle cap, fluid tip and needle with smaller size and finer needle taper allowing for unprecedented fine lines and amazing control.

To finish the customization, each and Every MOJO+ airbrush is fine-tuned, ported and polished by Mike, then signed, numbered and supported by our PROMISE.

The MOJO+ is a precision .2mm double action gravity feed brush with a micro-air volume adjuster and pre-set handle. This airbrush gives you instant paint response, perfect atomization with lower air pressure and ultra-fine line detail. With only the finest fit and finish, this Made in Japan, perfected in USA brush WILL exceed your expectations.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 2 in

8 reviews for Richpen Precision MOJO+ Airbrush

  1. Adam Lucier (verified owner)

    Insanely smooth and precise airbrush, excellent price point and quality, thanks for bringing it to the market!!

  2. Joe Larry Mason (verified owner)

    Thank you Mike for bringing this awesome product back, I ran some paint thru it yesterday and was totally thrilled with the performance of the New Mojo +. I also purchased the rebuild tip and needle for my 2nd Gen Mojo and got it all back in shape and tested it also, so pleased, it has been set aside after dropping it and bending the needle over, practically destroyed the tip getting the bent needle out. I’m feeling motivated now to get some painting done. Thanks Again – JLM

  3. Danny Pittman (verified owner)

    I really love the precision of the Mojo. I put the paint in it and I took off airbrushing for about 6 hours. Never skipped a beat. No spitting or sputtering. I can go from the tiniest hair line to thicker lines so quick and precisely. It Really keeps me inspired and in the zone. I am thoroughly impressed with the Mojo. Thanks for the great product Mike. It rocks in so many ways.

  4. gdredburn (verified owner)

    Oh My, this is the best airbrush I have ever handled. It handles great, smooth lines, easy to use. Hand tuned by the Master, before it leaves. You can’t get any better than that.

  5. admin

    Hey Guys

    You have really brought an amazing tool to the hands of many artists. This new Mojo brush is unlike anything else i’ve ever had in my hands. From smooth color fade transitions to the finest of hair line details this brush just keeps producing fine quality. Not only is it comfortable in your hand for many hours of airbrushing but it’s also comfortable on the budget. It produces Micron quality without the micron price tag. You weren’t kidding when you said it was a game changer. My OG Mojo now sits beside it’s newest brother on my brush stand, what an amazing combo!

    DM from Tim “Dubie” Dubreuil

  6. Douglas Worden (verified owner)

    I purchased the Mojo knowing Mike & Diana would have done their homework and brought the best product possible. They choose to put a good honest tool in the hands of fellow artist. I will support that. The airbrush they shipped me was well packaged, the gun was complete and ready for paint. Now the best thing about the gun was it’s design. It has all the right features for a pro, and will be easy to learn as a novice. It has a good weight to it, so it has a good feel in your hands. All the components that make up the working gun are very well made. This gun is built as good as it gets. Great job and thank you for your dedication to this craft.

  7. admin

    “The Mike Learn Mojo Plus airbrush represents the return of this hand-tuned and modified brush. The quality and details of this airbrush are reflected perfectly in its performance. The addition of the air flow control only increases the capability of this hot-rod making it one of the best detail airbrushes on the market.”
    Steve Leahy, Steven Leahy Art

  8. admin

    “What can I say. My favorite gun just got better. The Mojo+ is the samurai sword of airbrushes. Calm and inviting to the naked eye but deadly in the right hands with precision and control thats unparalleled. The best part is when you forget you’re using it and the brush becomes an extension of your soul. The R&D team is pretty ok too!”
    Jay Skorupski, XSPaint Airbrush Studio

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